• This bundle includes 1 Lip Balm, 1 Lip Mask, and 1 Lip Exfoliate! Save money when you buy these three together!


A good lip care routine is essential for maintaining soft and smooth lips.


Our lips do not have sweat glands and can dry out easily. Licking our lips can be a quick fix but that drys them out even further! Our lip mask will go deep to moisturize your lips and provide long-lasting hydration.


Our lip balms are made with natural ingredients and are designed to moisturize your lips, while keeping them protected from the suns damaging UV rays. The slim design of the tube makes them easy to take with you every where you go!


Our lip scrub is made with only 2 ingredients, sugar and cucumber oil. The sugar will exfoliate off dead skin, and the cucumber oil will moisturize your lips for a smooth finish!


Nourishing Lip Care Bundle

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Lip Bundle
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  • Lip Balm (regular or mint)

    • Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, hemp seed butter will leave your lips feeling smooth and supple.
    • Mango butter creates a protective barrier and provides anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for healing dry, chapped lips.
    • Natural emollients from unfiltered beeswax retain moisture and give this lip balm the perfect texture.

      Our mint lip balm has peppermint essential oil while our regular has no extra oils.

    *Twist the product up a little at a time. The product will not go back down after twisting it up.*